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Gopherwood Guitars has a new and innovative way of crafting guitars that offer more value by doing more than other guitars can do. While they are conventional in appearance, the collaboration with today’s top designers, in combination with the SoundPillar technology has resulted in sky-rocketing sales growth as the world discovers what is possible with a Gopherwood guitar.

Gopherwood Guitars builds each instrument, no matter the price, with the highest quality design features, that same innovative technology in every model.


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di320 00 update


By changing the upper and lower tips of the SoundPillar, the range of acoustic flavors, from warm to cool, and dark to sparkling, can be all yours within the same Gopherwood Guitar. You get to choose, depending on your style and your audience.

One Guitar, Five Sounds

  • Walnut Wood tip
  • Compressed Wood tip
  • Ebony Wood tip
  • Maple Wood tip
  • Brass tip